Weddings in Crete

Heiraten auf Kreta

Wesela w Krecie

Свадьбы на Крите

Our highly experienced associates, who are professional wedding planners, Weddings in Crete, will undertake to organise your Special Day to be tailored completely to your needs. Whether you are looking for a civil ceremony, an Orthodox ceremony, a wedding blessing or to renew your vows, our Wedding Planners can give you the perfect day you are looking for.

At our villas you can have:

• Wedding ceremony and reception
Have a romantic wedding ceremony in one part of your villa then move to a different area to enjoy a catered evening meal...

• Only wedding ceremony
For a change of scenery, have your wedding ceremony at the villa then go on to a restaurant for your evening meal...

• Only reception
Or why not have your wedding ceremony at a different venue of your choosing, then go back to your villa for a relaxing, catered evening meal...

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