retreat experience

We offer you the finest villas in Crete endowed with a broad range of services of top quality. Our villas are privately owned and operated by highly experienced staff. They are among the most exclusive homes in Crete, and are famed for their design, location, personality and unique features. Once you have experienced staying at our top quality villas you will not consider going to a hotel for your vacation. Staying in a privately owned and run villa is so different from staying in another type of accommodation.
Become part of the culture and life of Crete. Our villas offer you the unique opportunity to experience the area they are situated at. They reflect the personality of their owner and the color of the island. Just by staying in our villas will give you the opportunity to get to know the area you have chosen for your vacation. In case you wish to learn even more or for suggested tours the owners will be more than happy to assist you. If your aim is high quality, care-free holidays, then we are at your service.


Our villas are in secluded areas, far from the crowds and the noise.
It’s your choice if and when you like to mingle.

Freedom of Choice

Imagine the luxury of having breakfast in your pyjamas, of choosing when and where you will be served dinner, of not worrying about your kids disturbing others, of not having “off-limit” areas in your private villa. You can go to the kitchen anytime you like, you can listen to your favorite music as loud as you like, you can swim in your pool all night long watching the moon, or daydream in your lounge chair without intruders.


Our staff is there only for you and will tend to all your needs, so all you have to do is enjoy your stay care-free. You will be served cocktails by the pool, while your own chef will be preparing sumptuous meals that he has previously discussed with you. You could even accompany the chef to the market where he picks the best fish, meat and vegetables for you.

Precious family time

Our villa offers the opportunity to really enjoy spending time with your family or friends, having drinks by the pool, enjoying the sunset with your loved ones, playing games at the spacious terrace, or just having some good times now matter how late it gets will be some of the lasting memories of your vacation.
Feel at home - Invite your friends and family to your villa and you be the host!