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Crete is located in the middle of the Eastern Mediterranean and constitutes one of the ten geographical regions of Greece. Crete lies in an east-west orientation and has a length of 260km, while the horizontal axis of the island fluctuates between 60 and 12km. Its total area is 8331km, making it the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean.
A number of small islands belong to Crete; principal among them is Gavdos, which is the southernmost point on the continent of Europe. The northern shores are washed by the Sea of Crete- a continuation of the Aegean – and the southern shores by the Libyan Sea.
Crete, with a population of more than 600 000 is divided into four Prefectures: Hania, Heraklion, Rethymnon and Lasithi.
With more than 1000km of coastline, a unique natural environment and a history going back 5000 years which has left its marks scattered across the landscape, Crete is a popular destination for thousands of visitors.
The island, which is crossed by the dense road network, is connected with Greece and the rest of the world via the harbours of its large cities, and also through the airports at Hania, Heraklion and Sitia. Crete will always be a draw to the sun worshippers.
The mediteranean climate with its 300 days of sunshine a year, promotes an outdoor-orientated lifestyle. The city of Chania offers a high quality of life, highlighted by a rich natural beauty –both on land and in water – and an array of cultural entertainment during the summer month.
Blessed with a pleasant year-round oceanbreezes, beautiful beaches, Chania offers a delightful and sophisticated blend of old and new, formal and casual, variety of epicurean delights and superb shopping, premier opportunities for recreation, relaxation and enjoyment.

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